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Services ala carte

Responsive WordPress Website Design

Responsive User Centric WordPress Website Design and Development mean your site resizes to the device you are using. This is key as Mobile devices are now driving 56% of traffic to top sites!

Prices start at $3500*

Social Media Marketing

Need to up your brands social media marketing game? From strategy to content calendar, posts and analytics – We’ve got everything you need to really up your game!

Prices start at $499 Per Month

Brand Identity Packages

Create consistency and elicit consumer response! Brand Identity Packages start with research and defining your brands strategy. Let us help your business tell it’s unique story through our Superfab Design.

Prices start at $2500*

Website Maintenance Packages

Tired of monthly website maintenance? We can handle that – our website maintenance packages start at $350 for sites we’ve created, and include up to four hours of creative time a month.

Prices start at $350 per month

Ecommerce wordpress website design

Woo Commerce is our friend and it can be yours too!  With 30 payment gateways, awesome support and integration, your storefront can be operational in no time!

Prices start at $7000*

Ala Carte Rates

Looking to hire creatives with experience? From Big Ass Fans  to Capital Radio in London, England, We can design ANYTHING from wedding stationary to social media campaigns.

$125 per hour

* Pricing varies depending on the complexity of your project.

Responsive WordPress Website Design

WE pride ourselves in building Superfab Websites in about two weeks.

Timely and efficient you ask? Heck Ya! But we are gonna need all hands on deck to move mountains and make this thing happen in the two-three week period we’ve got you booked in for. What do we need from you in order to make this happen? Funny you should ask….  Download our “Field Notes” for detailed information on how we will work together.

Site Mood Board

Compile your mood board

At Superfab Digital, We are BIG on client collaboration. Our tool of choice for a Brand Mood Board/ Inspiration Board is PINTEREST. Why? It’s super intuitive, easy to use, and allows YOU (our Superfab client) to save brand related inspiration all in one place! The images you pin should convey the look, style and feel you are going for. From color pallets, to websites, to packaging, to branding, lifestyle images, Instagram images, patterns, graphics, and even fashion or paintings conveying the overall style that would appeal to your ideal clients, you want to put it here (The more images the better – you can’t have enough). What we’ll discover through this exploration process is overall similarities which will help us get your brand vision on track.

Do you already have a Pinterest account?

Please create a NEW BOARD with your brands name on it and send the link to [email protected]

Are you are new to PINTEREST?

This video provides a short tutorial on how to set up a Pinterest Account

Want to see examples of Pinterest in action?

Check out Shirer Burkett’s personal pinterest boards

Complete Questionnaire

If you haven’t already done so, please fill out our Website Design Questionnaire and get it back to us as soon as humanly possible. This handy dandy little work sheet will give us some insight and inspiration into who your target audience is, what your design goals are, and what type of emotional response you want your brand to elicit. You can access this questionnaire here or download it from our shared Google Drive:

For help using the Google Drive:

Brand Questionaire

All Images & Content

Content & Images

Great content – both copy and imagery – is the key to a killer website. Without content – well you got a whole lot of nada. So time to get busy, brush off that keyboard, and round up those images. We are going to need BOTH in order to get started! Here is what we need from you:


First, you’ll want to write out all the text content (copy) you’d like for your website.  Think about your site structure, outline it in your head…. Are you going to have a home page, what do you want to have on it?  How about a products section? Think about your headlines and your call to action!

Keep your content original and concise. Search Engines LOVE this and so do consumers!



A picture says a thousand words! Pictures inspire and make people want to read your content, or buy your stuff. Depending on your site goals, your images are important! Please begin gathering the photos you’d like to use on your website and bang ‘em into the shared client folder on the Google Drive.  If you’d like us to sort the photography for you – we can do this at an additional fee.

– Go grab a camera and take some

– Hire a photographer to take some for you

– Use copyright free images found online

– Buy some stock photos

Here’s some answers to commonly asked photo questions.

What size should my images be?

Image size resolutions vary for print and web, so think about how you may be using that image in future. If you are using it later for print, go for the higher DPI, Superfab Digital can resize everything for you to work on the web.

Can I Use Google images ?

Unless you are granted permission by the owner or have a license to use it, you should be aware that it is illegal due to copyright laws. You might not get caught, you say, TRUE! But if you DO get caught, you’ll likely find yourself in trouble with some fancy shmancy law firm and well, that would just suck.*

Copyright & Royalty free photos

Copyright free photos & royalty free photos are also available

Stock photos for purchase

These are photos, generally taken by a professional photographer, which are made available for download online for a fee.

*It is your responsibility to ensure the photos you provide are legal. Superfab Digital will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement issues that arise from the use of photos that you provide.


To begin your project, we will need your existing login information (email and password) for all of the following:

  • WordPress account, if you already have one
  • Email service provider (eg. MailChimp, ConvertKit), if applicable
  • Domain name provider (Registrar), if applicable
  • Host Information & FTP log in if your site already exists
  • DNS information if we are moving your site onto our hosting platform

Don’t know what this stuff is, or need domain name registration and hosting?  Not to worry! Submit an email to Superfab Digitals Big Head of Technology (tech wizard and security guru) Dennis Clayton. He can walk you through the process and get you up and running in no time. Superfab Digital can also register and host your site securely for an additional annual fee of just $240, so if this is something you are interested in, or just need additional information please let us know!

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Brand Identity Packages

We Create Killer Brand Identities.

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