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We Build Superfab Websites

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Yep you heard us right. Small business websites up and running in about two weeks.

We may be tiny, but our little web design and graphic design studio, located in gorgeous downtown Somerset, Kentucky is able to move mountains to make things happen. Having worked with companies & clients (both large and small) for nearly 20 years, we’ve developed these “Field Notes” to help streamline the small business web design and web development process.

Heck, we can even design your logo for you

And help you with your brand identity…


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Everything you want to know

ABOUT US and then some…

Shirer Burkett

Big head of Creative

Shirer Burkett has been a Web and Graphics Designer for near on 20 years. She is a big ideas kind of Gal, and has worked for many campaigns and clients over the years including, Disney, Coca Cola, The BBC, XBox, Skype, Microsoft, Big Ass Fans, Capital Radio, XFM, New York University, Lloyds Pharmacy and more. Shirer specializes in Advertising and Brand Marketing. She LOVES digital media and long romantic walks to The Jarfly Brewing Company. Find out more about how Shirer’s Superfab Ideas can help transform your brand & business >>

Dennis Clayton

Big Head of Technology

Dennis Clayton has been an Internet Security Guru for almost as long as the internet has been in business. Hosting, IT, and all around back end website development are what Dennis specializes in. He’s worked for the big guns – SAIC, Nortel,  etc, etc, just to name a few.  We’d tell you more, but then we’d have to kill you – (kidding). We are pretty sure Dennis Clayton is the reason shows like Coast to Coast exist.  Find out more about how Dennis can improve your hosting platform, site security or generally help with your business tech needs >>

Not convinced?

Have a trawl through our Superfab Portfolio and see the type of work WE can produce for you!

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